Working in the shop today

I love being in my woodshop.  It doesn't matter what I'm building, just as long as I can go out there, slowly clean an area up and then make something cool.  

Today's projects included a new point-of-sale display for my Snake Oil Guitar Slides for the Delta Blues Museum in Clarksdale MS and a new Mountain Tenor guitar kit by C. B. Gitty.

The Delta Blues Museum asked if I could make a smaller display that would rest on top of the gift shop counter.  Being that it's a complete honor to have my guitar slides in there, I got to work making something cool for them.  

The display started with an antique Havana tobacco tin.  I placed a piece of barnwood inside and used a spade drill bit to cut holes for the slides.  I added a small sign in front.  It tool longer to design than to build!

The second project is a C. B. Gitty Mountain Tenor guitar kit.  I asked them to print the face with a barnwood photo to make it extra special.

I've also stained the neck and box sides/back with English Chestnut stain.  It's so humid today, so everything is taking forever to dry.  Hopefully I can start assembling tomorrow.

Here's a live Facebook video I did in the shop today.


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