Video: New Cigar Box Guitar Tuning + the Arkansas Electro Project

I just dropped a new video this afternoon, and it features a cool new cigar box guitar tuning:  

The Arkansas Tuning is basically the 4 low notes on a conventional guitar... but wow! ... it totally allows you to play all the stuff you learned on a "normal" guitar.  In this video, I do a little RL Burnside, Jimi Hendrix and Pops Staples. 

This is part of a bigger feature I just created for the folks at  It's called The Reso-Electro Project and it shows you how to build this killer 4-string, resonator electric cigar box guitar, step-by-step:  

These features have been a month in the making and I'm pretty darn excited to share them with you.  It wasn't until I completed the guitar that I decided on the unique string set and Arkansas Tuning.  I immediately called Ben "Gitty" Baker up and told him there needed to be a string pack that goes along with it.  He put together the Shane Speal Arkansas Electric Set, which just hit the market today! 

Coming soon:  "Hacking the Arkansas Tuning for Low & Grinding Open D" video + parts 2-4 of the Reso-Electro project!

Stay primal...


Hey hey hey... there's a new Shirt of the Week:

IF IT'S TOO LOUD, GO BUILD ANOTHER!  This denim-colored cotton shirt with black print is taken straight from a Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band song, "If It's Too Loud!"  Pro tip: before you shop for shirts, scroll to the bottom of this email for a 10% off coupon code.

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