VIDEO: DIY Instrument Rasp Battle - Shinto Vs. Microplane

Daniel Hulbert of Circuits and Strings network is one of my favorite people on the internet.  Every week, he makes something new, from innovative travel ukuleles and other music inventions to experiments in 3D printing and more.  Each project is filmed, photographed and added to his Youtube, Instagram and other network social media accounts.  Don't expect Hollywood production or gratuitous advertising.  Hulbert has a humble delivery and simply wants to help people do great things in their workshops.

Hulbert recently did a fantastic comparison between a Microplane rasp and a traditional Japanese Shinto rasp, both directed toward DIY musical instrument builders.  This very simple battle pitted each rasp against poplar and hard maple.  

Not only did it show the strengths of each tool, it also convinced me that I need a rasp in my shop!  Watch the short video feature and see for yourself:

Hulbert is fantastic at sharing his weekly projects over multiple social networks.  Choose your favorite below and follow him today.  I strongly suggest subscribing to his Youtube channel and Instagram for the most up-to-date articles:

Hulbert's Circuits and Strings network home page.  




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