The Angel Ukulele (looks like a turkey!) + EXTRA PICS

This weird ukulele has been a pain in my butt for months, but it's finally FINISHED!  When sent me their new Tenorlele Kit several months ago, I had all kinds of ideas for giving it cool sunburst finishes, Hawaiian scenery and painted bindings.  What finally emerged after several starts-and-stops was a bizarre, yet cool piece of folk art.

The uke features antique shoe stretchers, tin wings and a gnarled and relic'd paint job.  Watch the latest What's the Deal With Speal to hear it in action and then scroll down for more pics:

Here is the failed sunburst.  I had a nice, even paint job at first, but I took it too far and the subtle fade that I was trying to accomplish turned into a solid oval.  It looked stupid.

Even worse was my choice of paint.  I got this small can of brown lacquer at Hobby Lobby.  It didn't have the right tone.

Here, you can see the relic job I did to the uke as it sits behind the shoe stretcher I used for the body curves.  I spent much time trying to figure out how to use these wood pieces to get the proper look.

At this point, I mounted the shoe parts and the wings to the uke and thought I had a winner.  It was then that I posted a few photos to Facebook and had 17 comments telling me it looked like a turkey.  They were absolutely right!  DOH!

Here's the revised version.  After repositioning the shoe stretcher wood pieces, I painted them black with a ratty paintbrush to give it an antique look.  I also add the cross and decorated the headstock.

Here's the back of the instrument.  The wings are attached with screws on the back.  Surprisingly, the wings sit nice as you hold the instrument.  They really don't get in the way.

Another look at the headstock, featuring a rusty WD-40 lid and a Victorian girl pin.  Some lace adds a final touch.

One last look at the "foul" version of this uke...

Fly turkey! Fly!


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