Smile, These Are the Good Times, People

Whoever built this biscuit tin banjo certainly had a song in their head.  That song was a tickle...something to explore.  Something to catch and celebrate.  Sure, they didn't have money, but it didn't stop them from hand carving a 5-string banjo neck and lovingly position it through a round tin.  

The Biscuit Tin Banjo.  Rediscovered in a South Carolina barn and now part of the Shane Speal Collection.  Circa 1890s.  On display at the Cigar Box Guitar Museum at Speal's Tavern.  


Isn't it time we sing again?  I think so.

As you can tell, I'm revamping this website.  It's time to cast off our shackles, dance in the sunlight and learn how to have some fun again.  I'll be posting all the musical instrument stuff you've come to expect, but I also want to touch on the awesomeness of God; discover wine, beer, food, song and curious things; and mostly just take you all along for a fantastic ride.  

My name is Shane.  I'll be your driver.  Let's go places together.  

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