Sing Unto Him a !Xoon Song: More Thoughts on Creative Church Music

My own experience with going back to church and trying to walk closer with God all started because of a really good worship band. The sermons were ancillary, but eventually did its job.

-Kirk Otto


My story about the Old Man & the Omnichord really resonated with readers of  Like me, other people are craving original artistic expressions when it comes to praising and worshiping God.  Let's explore this further...

Rob Veith sent me the following email about two fascinating projects he's worked on.  You're gonna love this...  

Hey Shane, 

I’ve lived in Botswana for most of the last ten years [and] recently relocated back to the States. I work in the vocation of Ethnodoxology, which is about encouraging indigenous/local artists in a variety of media to use their gifts for the glory of God. I work primarily with would-be song-writers. 

For example, here’s a link to some tracks I did with a group of folk musicians in Ukwe, Botswana (deep in the Kalahari desert); these are the first Christian songs composed in the !Xoon language: 

Less folky, but no less cool, here’s a project I worked on in Peja, Kosovo in the Albanian language: 

In January of this year, I did my first song writing seminar for a church in America. I’ve been noticing how the American church is dominated by either old, old music or music composed by professionals aiming to appeal to the broadest possible audience. Like you, I love the real stuff, so “pure it could only be heard at that one little church.” 

I don’t know how we would get there, but I can imagine some synergy between your making and finding of cool unusual instruments and my encouragement of creative types to write new songs with them. 




  • Anonymous
    Beautiful! Praise King Jesus.

    Beautiful! Praise King Jesus.

  •  Rev Shamus
    Rev Shamus
    Praise the LORD

    Praise the LORD

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