YOU GOT THIS! Quarantine Notes From a Veteran Stay-At-Home Dad

Ten years ago, I lost my job due to downsizing.  I had a great career in marketing for a company that I loved.  But then they sold out to a large corporation and *poof,* my job was gone.

The first thing I needed to do was pull my youngest son, Brennen out of daycare.  This meant that I was home all day with him and had to find ways to keep him away from the TV.  Like you, I was scared sh*tless.  

We made videos of Brennen performing puppet shows, had inside jokes and took walks to the playground.

Ten years later and I still haven't returned to an outside job.  I've been here at home, creating my own business mixing my marketing along with my passion for music.  

Exhale.  You got this.

I know your quarantine is frustrating.  You are on a "biblical fast" of social interaction.  But remember all those daydreams you had at work about hobbies and projects you wanted to do?  Remember the conversations you wanted to have with your kids when you looked to the future as a teenager yourself?  Yeah.  It's time.

For as frustrating as it is, you have no idea how much of a blessing this time is right now.  

  • Make a dinner together with your kids.  
  • Talk to them about things you've always wanted to say.  
  • Start the dream job or hobby you've always thought about.  Even if it's only temporary.  

And don't worry, there is payoff to this period of quarantine!  YES...PAYOFF!  Never in your life have we ever been given a chance like this for introspection, prayer and mental reset.  It was during this time I finally had a chance to play music, which led me to where I am today!  

...And one more thing:

Back in the beginning of my stay-at-home life, Chris Ballew, lead singer of the Presidents of the United States of America had just begun a new children's music act called Caspar Babypants.  When I told him I was home with Brennen, he sent me his first CD to get our input.  We loved the music so much that we filmed puppet shows of Brennen making Mr. Alligator and Thomas the Tank Engine sing along.  

I sent the video to Casper Babypants as a thank you.  He then turned it into one of his first music videos!  

You got this.  Brennen and I believe in you.

Shane Speal

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