Shane Speal Plays Wesseh's Oil Can Guitar in Songwriting Session

Hi all!

Last night, I turned my camera on during a songwriting session in my music room to give you a glimpse at the song I'm working on.  Wesseh's oil can guitar was my instrument of choice and the music is a gospel song written by my Grandfather and his great uncle!

That's a lotta ingredients that make up the gumbo for a song!

I hope you can watch the video and even give some feedback as I develop this song.  Yes, my vocals are rough, but I was still fleshing out melody, riffs and all the yummy stuff of songwriting.

And in case you missed it, I still have the $5 download available for Poor Man's Guide Magazine, "How to Build Wesseh's Guitar."  The issue has step-by-step pictures of Wesseh building the actual guitar that I'm using.  The extra content includes downloads of Wesseh's lost album.  Here's that link:

Stay primal and keep in touch!


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