Shane Dissects a Historic & EVIL Cigar Box Guitar

I just brought a cool video back from the archives where I explore a strange double-neck cigar box guitar that was plucked from the New Orleans ruins of Katrina.  

I'm happy to announce that all orders for the Shane Speal Macanudo cigar box guitar are being shipped out this week.  The photo above was taken yesterday afternoon as I had the glue drying on the boxes.  There are still guitars available.  Reserve yours now.  Shop now and see the demo video at The Shane Speal Macanudo Cigar Box Guitar.

Hey hey hey... there's a new Shirt of the Week:

IF IT'S TOO LOUD, GO BUILD ANOTHER!  This denim-colored cotton shirt with black print is taken straight from a Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band song, "If It's Too Loud!"  Pro tip: before you shop for shirts, scroll to the bottom of this email for a 10% off coupon code.

COMING SOON:  The Reso-Electro Project

I have been working with the folks at on a project called The Reso Electro (pictured above).  You're going to learn:

  • How to make this hot rodded cigar box guitar that has an internal resonator cone
  • How to craft an iconic pearloid headstock
  • How to play in a new and unique 4-string cigar box guitar tuning.

As soon as the first blog hits, I'll send a newsletter email.

So much more coming soon!  Just wait!

Stay primal...


ps.  There's been a lot of new stuff posted lately.  Here's some links in case you missed anything:

FREE DOWNLOAD:  The 10 Year Anniversary of "If I Had My Way: A Cigar Box Guitar Tribute to Blind Willie Johnson."


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