Searching for EARLE - the Mysterious New Orleans Double-Neck Busker

Help me track down the "Guitarcheology" of two mysterious instruments!  These guitars were built by the same New Orleans street musician, prior to Hurricane Katrina.  Each one has salvaged acoustic guitar necks mounted to long boxes (one is a cigar box, the other a Riunite Wine gift box) and have the sides and back decoupaged with newspaper clippings.  Many of the clippings are obituaries in New Orleans.   

I own both of these guitars, but have no idea who the builder is.  Even crazier, I purchased them from two different people, one who found EARLE in junk from Katrina ruins and another who bought the brown one from a New Orleans flea market many years ago. 

Anyone have any idea who the original musician was?  Email me at 

Stay curious, 

Shane Speal

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