Better than a Teenage Kegger: CELEBRATION is Coming Soon

LIFE IS ABOUT TO GET GOOD.  Are you ready for post-COVID-19?  Is the Church ready?  

I don't think so...

Let's face the facts: the virus will go away at some point.  Are we preparing for what's next?  Are we preparing for CELEBRATION?  Yeah, I'm totally going there.

According to most newscasts and people on social media, everything is bad, life is scary and we should live in fear.  But wait, didn't the Apostle Paul tell us  "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."  (2 Timothy 1:7)    No fear.  God's got this, regardless of what the newscaster says.  Jesus has seen the end of this virus before it even started, right?     

Do you know what makes a good celebration song?  I'm talking about "victory after winning a war" type of music?  Have you ever studied shit-kicking, roof-roof raising, party music?  Do you have what it takes to get butts off the pews and THANK JESUS FOR THE VICTORY HE HAS GIVEN US?

Yeah, I'm prophesying victory.  Totally.  And as musicians, we gotta be ready for this.

Imagine if you saw the actual Hand of God sweep over the earth and heal it.  What lyrics would you use to describe the awesome feeling?  

What's the most soul-stirring warfare/victory hymn you've ever heard? 

Does it not say in Ephesians 1:5, "God decided in advance to adopt us into his own family by bringing us to himself through Jesus Christ. This is what he wanted to do, and it gave him great pleasure." (NLT)  If this is true, then we'd better stand up straight, throw off any false humility and party like we mean it!  I'm not talking about some sinful "teenage kegger in the woods."  No...let's get ready for something like ol' Prodigal's daddy and par-tay!  We need to prepare a full-blown celebration where we use every bit of our artistic talents given us to the fullest.  

Your art is a calf.  Start fattening it up by feeding yourself songs of victory as if that victory is already here.   

You've been given the ability to create beautiful art.  The time is coming for you to finally use it like you always wanted.    

It's ok to disagree with me.  There will be many who will.  However, my fellow "freaks on the fringes" will get this message and run with it.  It's to you I dedicate this blog.  We've got some preparing to do.

And yeah, original songs and art will be needed even more than learning old hymns and covers.

Party on,


ps.  Yes, I know I said "shit-kicking" in a spiritual blog.  Words are electric and must be chosen for the voltage needed.


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  • Brother 3String
    Brother 3String
    Love this post. Preach, Brother Shane... we will come out of this stronger.

    Love this post. Preach, Brother Shane... we will come out of this stronger.

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