PARTSCASTER COOKBOOK - Shane Speal's latest mini book on guitar building

In The Partscaster Cookbook, Shane Speal, shows you how to build wild electric guitars from junked guitars, new guitar kits, miscellaneous parts and unusual found objects! 

  • Step-by-step details on a Telecaster style guitar with a Mexican "Day of the Dead" altar embedded in it that lights up! 
  • Full details on an electric resonator guitar built from a junked Disney guitar. 
  • Uncommon finishing ideas for guitar kits 
  • Information on Teisco and Harmony solidbody guitars that are Shane's favorites to mod and transform. 
  • Full color photos and a boatload of creative ideas.  60 pages. 
  • Back cover includes a 15% Off coupon for C. B. Gitty instrument parts and more.

Now on sale for $7.99 at

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