Old Love, New Songs

Why do we write love songs only about young love?  Why is it always about the "first kiss," "first glance," etc etc?  To me, the stories of old love are more interesting. 

Show me a couple that has been married for decades and still looks at each other with passion.  They've seen hell and high water, and it pulled them closer together.

Every time I try to write a love song, I somehow start daydreaming about Melissa and I being madly in love in our 80's.  I'm blogging about this because I'm starting to write the next album.  

If you've never heard my song, Tattoo of You, I'm putting it below.  It tells the story of a WWII sailor getting a tattoo of his girl on his arm before going off to battle.  It then goes to talk about all the years later, eventually with her passing and him still wearing the tattoo proudly.  (Get the album here.)

In a world full of young romantics, I'd rather be an old fool for my gal.

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