Jimi Hendrix Plays a 1-String Broom Guitar!

Here's a little fun discovery:  Jimi Hendrix noodling around with a homemade one-string broom guitar!  It was the Summer of Love, 1967 when the Jimi Hendrix Experience sat down for a fun photo shoot.  The iconic power trio goofed around with props on the set, Jimi brandishing a push broom that had a string tied to it like a guitar.  

The guitar obviously wasn't a playable instrument, but I wonder if it brought back memories of Hendrix' childhood:

“Eight year old James Marshall Hendrix wanted so much to play the guitar to set his poems to music that he used a broom to strum out the rhythms in his head until he crafted a cigar box into his own guitar.” (Pittsburgh Post Gazette) Jimi’s cigar box guitar had rubber bands wrapped around the box, serving as strings.  -From the CigarBoxGuitars.com article, "Cigar Box Guitar Heroes: Music Legends and Their Cigar Box Guitars."

Here is the full photo, featuring the entire band.

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