I've Been "Full of Bull" (Just Like This Guitar)

This is The Bull Guitar, the first of its kind to be handmade by Martin Huff of Bledsoe, Kentucky (Harlan County).  The body of the instrument is made from old interior wood paneling and the horns serve as secondary sound holes.  Although it seems Mr Huff died in 1999 (I think this is his Find a Grave page), I still want to discover the backstory and get the guitar playable again.  Are you from Harlan County, Kentucky?  Know anyone there?  Can you help me track these stories down?  Write me at shanespeal@yahoo.com.

I'm pictured with the Bull Guitar because I feel like I've been full of bull for so long, especially when it comes to making videos on how to play cigar box guitar.  In the past, I would rip out some crazy shred bullshit during a lesson and expect you all to follow along.  Only recently have I realized that a good majority of you are just starting out and need help on the basics: holding a pick, holding the slide, getting a sound you can be happy with, etc.

So I'd first like to apologize.  I started making these videos almost 10 years ago on a very early iPhone simply because there wasn't any good tutorials on Youtube.  I wanted to see folks play the instrument and not just build 'em.

So I've rethought my approach to the lessons.  In addition to a few hot rod classes for the advanced guys, I'll be doing a lot more basic stuff to get most of you slidin' and rockin'.  

I've cut a brand new video that goes back to the very basics and it's already gaining so much love.  Grab a slide, such as the brand new Rocky Mountain Slide Co. "Shane Speal Model" and tune up to Open G:


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