Get In a Shane Speal Video!

Wanna be in one of my videos?  The folks at CBGitty have asked me to create a weekly video feature called "What's the Deal With Speal."  I'll be giving cool instrument ideas, maybe a lesson or two and showing off some historic cigar box guitars.  

I want you to be in the introduction!  

  1. Film yourself with your smartphone saying "What's the Deal with Speal!" or even "Hi, this is _______ and you're watching What's the Deal With Speal!"  Nuthin' fancy.  Just do a selfie or have someone film you as you play a quick guitar lick while doing it.
  2. Keep the video under 10 seconds.
  3. Email your clip to me at
  4. Tomorrow, I'll be working on the first video that will be shown this Friday on the Gitty Gang Show.  

Stay primal!



These Very Special Slide Collections Have Just Been Released

The Trinity (pictured above) is a three slide set featuring the three essential elements for slide guitar: steel, brass and glass.  Each Trinity set includes my Shane Speal King Slide, the Preacher adjustable brass slide and the Traditional Stubby Bottle Slide.  Purchasing these separately would cost over $45, but The Trinity Set is only $33.95 on sale now.  There are 12 in stock.

3 Kings is exactly what it sounds like:  a set of three Shane Speal King Slides plus the Stubby Slide gig case.  This set was created for the gigging cigar box guitarist as well as those who have different practice areas throughout the house.  Again, there's a big savings with the set as The 3 Kings is on sale for just $33.95.

Rare Bones [The Last Bone Digger + Prototypes]:  The Bone Digger Slide has now been discontinued.  (A new ceramic Stubby Slide is currently in development with Rocky Mtn. Slide Co.)  This collector's set features the very last Bone Digger that will be sold along with two rare prototypes.  All three will arrive in a new Stubby Slide gig case.  Only one to be sold.  $99.95.

One more thing:

There are two Shane Speal Macanudo Cigar Box Guitars ready to be shipped.  Get yours now.

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