Free Download: Blind Willie Johnson Cigar Box Guitar Tribute


The 10 Year Anniversary of the Cigar Box Guitar Tribute to Blind Willie Johnson

Hi all!

Ten years ago, I put out the invitation for folks to submit cover songs of Blind Willie Johnson played on cigar box guitar.  The recordings ranged from lo-fi to studio professional, with even legendary Gospel bluesman, Glenn Kaiser singing "Praise God I'm Satisfied" directly into his cell phone.  (It was Kaiser's modern method of field recording!)

This morning, I made the album available for free download (or pay what you want) over at  I also added a few bonus tracks:  three Blind Willie Johnson covers from my Jug Fusion album.  Go download the whole thing and enjoy.

I should do another project like this.

Oh... you might notice that looks a bit different.  I'm revamping the whole site.  It's not done yet (especially the front page), but you can poke around.  

Stay primal and scroll down.


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