FIVE COOL THINGS: Whole Lotta Strings

Today's Five Cool Things Started with a Facebook Video of Sardar Shaminder Pal Singh playing the sarangi, a bowed, short-neck instrument from India.  See the Sarangi Wikipedia page for all the good info.  

THING ONE:  This fantastic selfie video by Sardar Saminder Pal Singh showed up on my Facebook timeline.  I'm in love with the camera angle, showing the left hand fretting technique.

THING TWO:  Another excellent video by his son, Sardar Satwinder Pal Singh

THING THREE:  If you got the notion to build something with a whole lotta strings, this set of Hammered Dulcimer plans is a good starting point.  I recently discovered them in an old issue of Mugwumps magazine.

THING FOUR:  Whole Lotta NOTES! These guitars capture the notes that fall in between the piano keys (aka microtones).

THING FIVE:  The 14 string doubleneck Cigar Box Guitar Mandolin/Mandola - on sale now at  This is a wild double-neck mandolin (13.5" scale) and 6-string mandola (24.5" scale). Each side sports a hum bucking pickup and separate output jacks. It was built by Darren "Big Daddy" Dukes of Backporch Mojo Guitars in 2010. It has been in the Cigar Box Guitar Museum on display since the very beginning.


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