FIVE COOL THINGS - Stella Guitar Inspired Instruments - and a gift to Liberia?


Five Cool Things digs into more retro madness.  I've been building a lot of kit instruments from C. B. Gitty and just finished the latest.  Enjoy!

THING ONE - I just added a Gittylele Concert Uke Kit to my series of Stella-inspired instruments

The easy-to-assemble kit is the third C. B. Gitty project I've tackled in the last few months.  Each one has a paint scheme inspired by an old 1950's Stella Sundale acoustic guitar I purchased back in August.  

THING TWO - The Stella Sundale Paint idea.  I started the Stella-inspired kits with the C. B Gitty G-Bass Kit, matching the red and cream colors (almost) with my old acoustic.  Here's a video on the layout.  

THING THREE - The Tin Pan Alley Guitar Kit.  The second Gitty kit was the Tin Pan Alley resonator guitar and featured a 1950's blue paint job.  Here the demo video.

THING FOUR - More Stella Sundale inspiration.  The Stella Guitars by Harmony included a line of specially painted guitars called Sundale.  Harmony also released their own brand of specially painted arch-top guitars in the 1950's under the Harmony Catalina brand.  Here's just a few photos I've stolen from Google to show the fascinating paint schemes they used.  These are great inspiration when making your own guitars today.

THING FIVE - I'm thinking about selling my three retro instruments as a set in order to serve as a fundraiser for my friends in Liberia.  As you know, donates 10% gross on every sale to Wesseh's friends over there.  Pastor George's church always has a special Christmas event.  If I sell these guitars as a package, I could Western Union 100% of the money to him to make this year special.  Any outrageous offers?  Email me at

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