Five Cool Things: Spoon Guitar, Spoon Slides, Spoonman

Let's skip the formalities today and dig into the Five Cool Things with a few spoons.  Caveat:  I repeat Thing Five from a previous blog simply because I was chasing a spoon down a rabbit hole and it fit perfectly in here.


THING ONE:  Spoon Lap Steel - I just stumbled across Craig Stocker's spoon lap steel technique today and was blown away by the sounds.  He's one half of the duo, The Mojo Mules.  Check it out...

Which reminds me of THING TWO: Hannes Coetzee and his Teaspoon Slide Guitar.  Yeah, we've all seen the "I'm a Girl Watcher" video of Coetzee that went around about a decade ago.  Luckily, better videos have been made about him, including this fantastic Rolling Stone feature:

THING THREE:  Spoonman!  Yeah, this is the real Spoonman...Artis The Spoonman that inspired the Soundgarden song.  This video was from the greatest TV show of all time, Nightmusic with David Sandborn.

THING FOUR:  David Holt teaches you how to play spoons!

THING FIVE -  The Gumbo Spoon - a Guitar Slide handcrafted from a spoon by Ron Hall.  I love short slides because they allow me to burn up and down the neck of a cigar box guitar faster than long ones.  My search for various "stubby slides" inspired me to create, the world's first store specializing in cigar box guitar slides.     

I just got a new batch in from Ronnie.  You can find them here:  GUMBO SPOON SLIDE AT STUBBYSLIDE.COM


Shane Speal

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