Hi All!  Here's the latest Five Cool Things.  We've got weird amps, weird guitars, lighters, wrenches... so much cool stuff.  Dig in!

THING ONE - Guitar Amp Made from a Ukulele - I created an absolutely killer sounding desktop amp using an old, junky Chinese ukulele and an amp kit from  

I started by gently cutting the back from the sides using a carpenter's knife.

Then I installed the pre-wired amp kit inside, using the sound hole for the speaker.  

I also positioned the volume knob on the lower left bout, similar to where an electric guitar volume knob would go.  I also put the LED light in the upper right bout, similar to the switch on a Les Paul!

Here's a full demo video of the amp.  All tones were captured with my iPhone mic.  No adjustments were made to the sound!

THING TWO - The Dewey Decibel Guitar Used in the Video Above!  

The wacky yellow guitar in the video is a Dewey Decibel "Flipout" guitar.  Only 400 were made in the 1990's and mine just happens to be autographed by David St. Hubbins of Spinal Tap!

The guitar features a backward Strat body, a dummy jack up top and a real jack on the side.  I just love it because it's so stupid!

THING THREE - D.I.Y. Spoon Carving Tool, crafted from a wrench!  Many woodworkers have been tinkering with whittling wooden spoons as a hobby.  The Small Workshop Youtube channel just posted this curious video on how to make a carving tool for the bowl of the spoon.  The entire thing is fascinating to watch.


THING FOUR - STOMP!  "Zippo Lighters."

THING FIVE - Ukuleles?  How about guitar amps made from cigarette packs???  It's the legendary Smokey Amp!  (On sale right now for $29.95 at ... black and white packs only)





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