FIVE COOL THINGS - Sound hole ideas for cigar box guitars

TODAY'S FIVE COOL THINGS is a look back at some unique sound hole ideas that came out of my shop over the last several years.

Thing 1:  (Above) I used a decorative key hole from a craft store to create a great look on a matching box.

Thing 2: This is the skull soundhole I designed for C. B. Gitty.  I hand drew it from an old photo and they fed the art into a CNC to be cut out by a laser.  The laser cut lines were too perfect, so I used my woodburning pen to rough 'em up.

Thing 3:  Rusted sink drain.  I get these in the Lowe's plumbing department and then spray them with Rustoleum textured brown paint.  

Thing 4:  Furnace grate under clover shape.  I first drill out the clover shape using a Forstner bit, drilled four times.  Then I hot glue a piece of decorative furnace grate that I purchased from Lowe's.

Thing 5: The classic Renaissance F-hole, cut into an antique box.   I've been using this F hole design since 1995 or 1996.  It's my favorite look.

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