FIVE COOL THINGS - Sonic Weirdness

Today's Five Cool Things Is a Collection of Strange And Unusual Instruments that Surround My Desk!   

THING ONE:  Behold the fabulously freaky Goldfinch The Glass by Goldfinch Guitars of Philadelphia.  This acrylic body has three mini humbuckers, a simple blade bridge and three knobs.  I've cranked the action high and made it a slide guitar for praising the Holy Spirit.  Only six of these were ever produced. 

THING TWO:  Danelectro Wild Thing Bass - I bought this when I worked part time at Guitars on George in York PA.  Although the body was even a little absurd for my tastes, the sound resembled the chimey bottom notes of a harpsichord.  This is one of the best basses I've ever owned.  (BTW, I cut off most of the pickguard to showcase the blue body.)

THING THREE:  Ukelin, sans strings.  I've been on a fretless zither kick lately, amassing many weird and strange examples. The Ukelin is a bowed psaltry with plucked chord strings that was sold door to door in the first half of the 20th century.  These things can be found in antique stores everywhere and were so plentiful, they're only worth $20-60 today.  The instrument was almost impossible to play right when they were new.

I took all the strings off this one last night to study the body, construction and get an idea for some mods.  I may turn this into an Indian sounding drone instrument.  Who knows...

THING FOUR:  The P-Bone - a plastic trombone!  This is what I asked Santa for Christmas last year...and I got it!  It's a beginner's trombone.  As a slide guitarist, I've seen many connections between slide and slide trombone.  Now that I have the PBone, I can explore!  Find out more at

THING FIVE:  The Paint Lid Dobro from the book, Making Poor Man's Guitars.  This is the actual guitar from pages 52-56 of my latest book. It is also featured on the cover - and it's now for sale at  SHOP NOW


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