FIVE COOL THINGS - Obsessing over Temptation Eyes


THE EAR WORM IS MIGHTY IN THIS ONE.  I was walking around the grocery store yesterday and heard the original version of Temptation Eyes by the Grass Roots, a hit from 1970.  I remember hearing this when I used to drive a 1979 Chrysler LeBaron (my first car) and could only get the oldies station on my AM only dashboard radio.

There's a few factors that make this song great.  One is the minor key verse mixed with major key chorus.  But the nuclear bomb hidden detail is the bass line in the second chorus, right around the 1:37 mark.  It just runs all around, giving a cool Gospel bassline run.  (It was probably Carol Kaye, legendary bassist for the Wrecking Crew.)

In obsessing over this song, I then remembered that there was a cover version with a female voice.  Doing a little searching, I learned it was Juliana Hatfield's first band, the Blake Babies.  This is a fantastic cover with a HORRIBLE mix.  (Her vocals were too low.)  The video is also a bit too ironic.  

But I couldn't stop there.  I then discovered a version by the Replacements that was recorded in 1984.  It has a punk feel and gives me ideas for adding some beef to the song if I ever decide to cover it.

And then there's the cliche'd hair metal version by Rhino.  It is presented not only for historical purposes, but also because I needed an extra 'THING' for Five Cool Things.  :P

The fifth THING is an announcement about the bone and wood Mojobone slides just added to  These are handcrafted by Randy Bretz and each one is a unique piece of art.  

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