Five Cool Things - Matchbox Makeovers, Folk Art Harp Guitars, more...

November 19, 2018 - Who would ever think to spend 10 hours of work and $40 in parts to restore a 25¢ Matchbox toy?  And why are Steve Wishnevsky's folk art instruments so fascinating?  Let's dig in to Shane Speal's daily "Five Cool Things."

THING ONE:  Marty's Matchbook Makeovers.  I never realized toy restoration was a thing until I stumbled across one of many videos posted by Marty.  The fact that somebody takes 10 hours to completely revitalize an old toy for his enjoyment simply thrills me to no end.  Just watch the video below and then check out his entire Youtube channel...

THING TWO:  Steve Wishnevsky's folk art harp guitar. 

This harp guitar was built last week by luthier, Steve Wishnevsky and immediately put up on his eBay store for only $400!  It sold within hours.  (Check out the knot hole sound hole in the harp arm!)

I've been a fan of Wishnevsky's basses and folk art instruments for many years.  I own one of his Lobe Wishbasses and used it on my last album.   Each of his instruments utilizes reclaimed woods, are cobbled together quickly in his shop, and then sold for unbelievably cheap prices on eBay.  Many musicians like to buy his guitars and, much like the Matchbox cars above, completely refinish them to their own specs.   Follow him on Facebook and be amazed.

THING THREE:  Red Green's Handyman's Prayer

THING FOUR:  The Fascinating World of the Original Hobo Nickel Society.  This artwork started as an old dime.

Etching artist, Josh Ranger meticulously carved the steampunk skull into it, adding inlays and color.  It's the type of thing you see daily on the Original Hobo Nickel Society page on Facebook.  BTW, this dime was auctioned off for more than $1800 on eBay!  

And if you don't believe it was a dime, here's another view!

THING FIVE:  Bairfoot Cajun's "Iron Mask" Cigar Box Guitar - This one always fascinated me, especially when inspecting it closely.  The entire cigar box was deconstructed and then reassembled back onto a wood body.  The dark and light wood contrast so beautifully together.  And then there's the cool dowel rod wings, giving it a space age appearance.    

The Iron Mask has been on display at the Cigar Box Guitar Museum for the past several years and now it's for sale at  


That's your cool rundown for the day.  Leave a comment or cool idea below!

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