FIVE COOL THINGS - Macro lens meets old cigar box guitar

SEVERAL YEARS AGO, MY WIFE MELISSA GAVE ME a cheap clip-on camera lens for my iPhone.  It had two settings: Fisheye and Macro.  The Macro lens allowed me to do some extremely close-up photography experiments.  One of my favorites was a study of my beat-to-hell macanudo cigar box guitar.  Here are five glimpses of an old friend.

Top:  a detail of n F-hole that has been worn down around the edges due to hard playing.

Next is at the headstock, showing the old slotted head screw that serves as a string tree.  I had come up with the screw head string trees as early as 1995.  This guitar was built in 1996.

The third photo shows part of my signature and the year it was built.  you can sill see the original pencil marks I made before woodburning the letters and numbers.

Fourth in the series is the neck, around the 3rd fret marker.  This is where I use my Stubby Slide to grind the middle string from the 2nd fret to 5th on blues licks.  It's seen a lot of grinding!

Lastly is a detail of a corner of the box.  Once covered in bright white and green paper, this old Macanudo box is now splintered, worn down and beautiful.  

Build a guitar just like my Macanudo!  I have detailed plans in my new book, Making Poor Man's Guitars:

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