FIVE COOL THINGS: Freakish & Bizarre Piano-like Instruments

Some days, I just let the muse go where it wants in these Five Cool Things lists.  Today's list started with the Chopstick Piano and went down a rabbit hole of freak pianos.  Enjoy...

THING ONE:  Sami Elu is a musician/composer/inventor based in Japan.  His Chopstick Piano is a fascinating modern version of a Dolceola and a plucked zither.  Just watch... 

THING TWO:  What's a Dolceola?  I'm glad you asked!

THING THREE:  I never heard of a Celesta, but here's a video of a homemade version, playing Santa Claus is Coming to Town!  This was made from old piano keys, a salvaged organ keyboard and metal pipes

THING FOUR:  The Marxophone!  Let's keep the keys going with this boingy instrument from the past.  I used a metal key Marxophone on my last album for the song "Rehmeyer's Hollow."  Here's a great demo video featuring a wooden key Marxophone.

THING FIVE:  The Pianolin - a bowed psaltry with a piano layout... because why not?


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