FIVE COOL THINGS - Bo Knows Diddley Edition

WHY HAS NOBODY EVER MENTIONED that Bo Diddley's rectangle guitar is one of the most comfortable electric guitars ever built?  

It's obvious I'm drawn to rectangle electric guitars because they're reminiscent of my cigar box guitars.  However, one evening playing a Bo Diddley Gretsch guitar will convince anybody how comfortable this basic shape is, whether standing or sitting.  It fits perfectly under your arm when playing.'s pure comfort.

Here are five Bo style guitars currently in my collection.

BO #1 - a fantastic handmade five string Bo-style guitar by Joe Chipman.  It's currently in my live arsenal.  I'll write more about this one deserves an entire book about it.

BO #2 - Six Banger guitar by Crocker Guitars.  Based on the instrument in the movie, The Honeydripper (also built by Crocker Guitars).  The back angle adds a cool Flying V look to the Bo design.  One handwound pickup.  I had this hanging at Speal's Tavern for years.  It needs cleaned up, restrung and some setup so I can bring it out to live shows.

BO #3 - Michael Berkowitz six string with Bigsby and some of the most fantastic pickups.  It's sorta set up like a Tele, but he chose some high dollar pickups that feature high output and fantastic blues tones.  It also deserves an entire book written about it

BO #4 - all mahogany semi-hollowbody.  I totally forget the builder.  I purchased this in the early days of Cigar Box Nation.  It was an early guitar by a builder who went on to make other great guitars.  This one has some problems, including an extremely thick neck and fret issues.  I need to spend some time on it to get it back to playability.

BO #1 - an actual Gretsch Syncromatic Bo Diddley signature model.  Made overseas based on Bo's original design.  Sounds great, feels great.  I really should bring this out in concert more.

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