FIVE COOL THINGS - Banana Basses, The Fez of Giants, Big Hair and more...


THING ONE (above) - I just got a brand new Banana Bass by Steve Wishnevsky of Wishbass. This freakish monstrosity of boom features a thin plywood body, a harp guitar style upper horn and a fretless neck.  He keeps the bracing to a minimum for the loudest tone possible.  Selling for just $300, it's affordable to anyone who wants a completely unique acoustic bass tone for recording.  Find his stuff on eBay here.

THING TWO - Throwback Thursday and my 1966 Domino Californian guitar

As I was preparing this blog and gathering photos, I found this old shot taken around 1994.  I was doing some recording with a 1966 Domino Californian, a strange Japanese guitar based on a Vox Phantom.  The instrument delivered some killer Hound Dog Taylor tones when screaming through a tube amp.  I miss that guitar.  (I kinda miss the hair, too!)

THING THREE - The Giant Fez table

This giant sheet metal fez was used as a car topper in parades for the Zafar String Band of Williamsport, PA.  I filmed a quick video a while back where I talked about my plans to repurpose it.  Well, it's finished.  I simply went to a thrift store and bought a glass top table, threw the bottom table part away and set up the fez as my own custom end table.  

THING FOUR - Songwriter's Challenge idea for open mics

I ran a weekly open mic for over 3 years, from 2008-2012.  During that time, I implemented a songwriter's challenge, encouraging the participants to write their own music.  Each week, I would give a theme.  If somebody returned the next week with even the beginnings of a new song based on the theme, they were entered in a drawing to win one of my cigar box guitars.  If you run an open mic, this is a great thing to try.

THING FIVE - 1892 Autoharp by CF Zimmermann

Just added to my collection this week:  an original CF Zimmermann autoharp, dated the year of its invention, 1892.  I hope to restore it to playable condition soon.  

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