FIVE COOL HISTORIC PHOTOS that didn't make it in my book

TODAY'S FIVE COOL THINGS feature five random photos found in my computer archives of DIY Instrument photos.  Because I didn't have background information and copyright clearance on them, these were some of the many photos left out of my book, Making Poor Man's Guitars.

Photo 1 (above) - Check out the dapper guy on the left with his homemade cigar box violin.  The gent next to him also has a homemade banjo.  Can you imagine the music they played???

Photo 2 - Unidentified musician with his one-string shipping crate cello.  

Photo 3 - Vaudeville act with one-string gourd cello, fretless zithers and other instruments.

Photo 4 - Soldier with six-string wooden box Hawaiian slide guitar

Photo 5 - Oddities from unknown publication

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