FIVE COOL BEHIND-THE-SCENES THINGS About the Cigar Box Guitar Museum at Speal's Tavern

TODAY'S FIVE COOL THINGS INCLUDE some behind-the-scenes set up details for creating the latest display of the Cigar Box Guitar Museum inside Speal's Tavern, located in New Alexandria PA.  

THING ONE:  The newest collection on display features mostly antique cigar box guitars and other historic DIY instruments, including a biscuit flour tin banjo from the 1890's.  This is a big change from the original museum display which featured mostly newer instruments made from builders around the world.

The instruments from previous displays are currently in storage and will eventually make their way back to the hallowed walls.

THING TWO:  The center wall of the museum showcases historic cigar box instruments displayed in old time looking cases.  Each of these cases is lined with a striped fabric with a pattern dating back to the Civil War.  These cases aren't original.  Most are homemade gun cases I found at various yard sales.  I simply found the historic looking fabric at JoAnne's Fabric and lined each side of the interior with it using glue and a staple gun.

Because the main wall is a dark brick look, these white-lined cases make the instruments stand out in the collection.

THING THREE:  in addition to the old gun cases, I did the same with an old violin case I found at a yard sale for $10.  It really made the historic cigar box fiddle look like a true timepiece!  I added framed photos to the lid (and in the other gun cases) of old photos.  (The pictures are actually reproductions, with the originals scanned and reproduced, simply to keep the originals safe in my archives.) 

THING FOUR - The museum cards are simply pieces of foam board with information about each instrument printed on cardstock and then held with double-sided tape.  

THING FIVE:  One of the contemporary instruments on display in the collection is a Reverend Peyton cigar box guitar made by his Uncle Greg.  Greg actually got to see the guitar hanging on the wall during the first night of the new display.  

As you can see, the walls will need updated and painted.  I live 200 miles away from Speal's Tavern, so it's always difficult to get back there for new improvements.  



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