Fan Writes Song: "The Shane Speal Blues (a.k.a. One Step Deeper)"

I just got the most wonderful Christmas present... a song written about me!  David Kuhn sent me the following letter that included lyrics to his song "The Shane Speal Blues (a.k.a. One Step Deeper)"  He based all the lyrics from Chapter 1 of my book, Making Poor Man's Guitars in which I describe my quest for the deepest blues known to man.

Heartfelt thanks, David.  Yes, I will do my best to put this to music and possibly on album someday.  



Mr. Speal, 

I wanted to build a cigar box guitar for a friend of mine who plays guitar.  I picked up your book as a reference.  Invaluable!  (I’m a novice at best at guitar). 

Anyway, I read the Chapter One and wondered if you’ve ever written a song about how you got started.  Please accept this as my gift for your help on my project (not perfect, but my friend loved it!). 

Do with it what you will.  Create a song or use it to start a fire. 

The Shane Speal Blues (a.k.a. One Step Deeper) 
By David Kuhn as a gift to Mr. Speal 

Up on stage — 
Cigar box guitar in hand 
Going to take you on a trip 
To where is all began 

It was Jimi’s “Red House” 
That first touched my soul 
I knew that the blues 
Was the only one way to go 

A quest for deeper music 
A deeper understanding — reaping what I sow 
Yeah, it’s wonderfully dangerous 
When the blues fill your soul 

I was on a quest — to take it one step deeper 
I was on a quest — to take it one step deeper,  baby 

A quest to Muddy Waters   And braggadocio hollers 
To Hound Dog Taylor and Howling Wolf 
A quest to find the source of this seductive muse 
A quest so deep I fell into the Delta Blues 

Blind Willie Johnson’s hellfire and damnation 
Crying’ Sam Collins  sorrowful all the while 
Mississippi John Hurt’s murder ballads 
Sung with a devilish smile 

I was on a quest to take it one step deeper 
To a time of cigar box fiddles and guitars 
One step deeper to the headwaters 
The essence of who we are 

Strings vibrate 
Boxes resonate 
Music celebrates 
One step deeper, baby 
That’s how I got here today 
Now, this song is starting to drag 
Time to play 
Sylvester Weaver’s 
“Guitar Rag” 

Merry Christmas, 
David Kuhn

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