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All 70 issues of Experimental Musical Instruments Magazine are free to download!

You have no idea how excited I am for you right now...

When I came home from the hospital several weeks ago, I couldn't do anything except sit and read.  The first thing I reached for was my 70 issue set of Experimental Musical Instruments Magazine (EMI) back issues.  Most of them are photocopied, dog-eared, marked up with notes and show the wear of many years of use.  You can see them all in the photo above.

Before the internet, EMI magazine was the gathering place for music rebels, iconoclasts and inventors.  (Tom Waits was a subscriber!)  Folks would publish their plans, instrument ideas, theories and questions... and it would get pretty deep in theory!  Each issue was filled with new ideas for instruments and sound sources.

I was lucky enough to have one of my instruments make the cover of one of their last issues, March 1999 (shown here).

The magazine was published by Bart Hopkin, a Harvard trained musicologist and instrument inventor.  As I was recuperating at home and digging into these back-issues, I went online to see he was up to and I discovered that he had put the entire EMI back-issue set on for free!

This 70 set of magazines is essential for any instrument builder that wants to invent new and wild things!!!

How to download your own copies of all 70 issues:

1.  Go to 

2.  Scroll down and look for this box.  It has many different types of files that you can access the EMI issues.  Most people will select PDF.  If you have a Kindle, you can get those files, too.

3.  Each issue will have to be downloaded separately.  

4.  If you don't want to download and print out the issues, you can also simply read them online.  

5.  I full-heartedly recommend spending the money on toner and paper to print out each issue.  It took me a week of printing to get my issue collection, but I've gone back to it over and over again!

Oh...and it's probably not gonna be fun if you try to start from Issue 1 and reading everything in order.  File #3 is a table of contents.  Go through it and look for articles that you might find interesting.

Maybe I'll curate a list of my favorite articles for a future newsletter.  

I can't wait for you to get these issues!!!

Stay primal!

Shane Speal

These Very Special Slide Collections Have Just Been Released

The Trinity (pictured above) is a three slide set featuring the three essential elements for slide guitar: steel, brass and glass.  Each Trinity set includes my Shane Speal King Slide, the Preacher adjustable brass slide and the Traditional Stubby Bottle Slide.  Purchasing these separately would cost over $45, but The Trinity Set is only $33.95 on sale now.  There are 12 in stock.

3 Kings is exactly what it sounds like:  a set of three Shane Speal King Slides plus the Stubby Slide gig case.  This set was created for the gigging cigar box guitarist as well as those who have different practice areas throughout the house.  Again, there's a big savings with the set as The 3 Kings is on sale for just $33.95.

Rare Bones [The Last Bone Digger + Prototypes]:  The Bone Digger Slide has now been discontinued.  (A new ceramic Stubby Slide is currently in development with Rocky Mtn. Slide Co.)  This collector's set features the very last Bone Digger that will be sold along with two rare prototypes.  All three will arrive in a new Stubby Slide gig case.  Only one to be sold.  $99.95.

One more thing:

There are two Shane Speal Macanudo Cigar Box Guitars ready to be shipped to you.  These were completed before my health hoopla.  Because of my current challenges, I will not be able to build more for a while, and so I've removed the option to pre-order one.  But hey... there's three ready to rock right now.  Get one now right here.

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