Cool Cigar Box Guitar Part - Printed Paint Lid


THE CIGAR BOX GUITAR ABOVE WAS BUILT IN 2005 by Jim Ferris of Alexandria, VA.  I've performed with it in the documentary, Songs Inside the Box and it's been on several albums.  The instrument started as a paint test for Ferris as he worked on learning how to make sunburst designs.  When I got the guitar, the original paint lid had light brown paint on it. 

Just today, I received a new Illustrated Paint Lid by CBGitty ($11.99) and popped it in this guitar.  It totally transformed the look.  I'm in love.  

The design was taken from a photograph of an old baking powder tin.  Gitty uses a 4-color process that uses UV cured ink.  This particular design really has a 3D effect, even though the lid is flat.

Great job, Ben "Gitty" Baker.  This is a cool part!


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