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I'm proud to announce the all new, the Encyclopedia of the Cigar Box Guitar. 

This website was created over 16 years ago by fellow cigar box guitar enthusiast, Ian "Scotty" Scott and it served as the foundation for scores of cigar box guitar fans and has been at the top of Google for many many years. 

Since Scotty's passing in 2020, the website has been handed over to me by Scotty's wife, Debi.  It is my intent to not only maintain, but to further develop as an encyclopedia on the subject.   ​ 

I need your help!  Since l designed the website myself, I'm sure there are a few details that might be wonky.  If you surf through and see anything wrong, can you drop me an email at  Thanks! 

There's a lot of content I still need to add to the site... but it's going to be a lifelong project. 

Also, I added a brand new store page to the site with some cool new shirts.

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