5 COOL THINGS - Unusual Instruments that Emerged from My Shop


TODAY'S FIVE COOL THINGS COME FROM THE PHOTO ARCHIVES OF MY PAST INSTRUMENTS.  Let's take a look at some unusual things that have emerged from my shop.

Thing one (above) - A six string cigar box guitar with a shovel handle neck.  Notice the wild headstock and the snarling P90 soap bar.  This was from 2013.

Thing two: the three string Poverty Banjo

I scored a bunch of antique Prince Albert tins and proceeded to make cool 3 strings from them.  I dubbed them Poverty Banjos.  Each one had a yardstick fretboard, banjo bridge and bolt for a string nut.

Thing Three:  Ed Wood style guitar amps.  This one is a particular favorite of mine and used a Jello mold for the speaker horn and an old coat hanger for 'antennae.'  The amp guts were 1.5w amp kits from CBGitty.

Thing Four:  Three string broomstick with bass pickup.  This is a tamer version than the six string at the top.  BTW, this is my front step...the same steps pictured on the front cover of my album, 12 Stones.  It gets good sunlight, so it makes a good photo spot.

Thing Five:  License plate Chuggers.  These two string instruments (which I call Chuggers) were all made from cigar boxes that had very thick lids.  I removed the lids and fashioned new tops from old license plates.  

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