10 Minute Break? 10 Minute Project!

My entire woodship is in disarray as I pull everything out, reorganize and clean.  I spent over 6 hours just cleaning it as I prepare new projects made from a 1930's pipe organ I recently acquired.  During a 10 minute break in cleaning, I found the creative muse as I tried to find a place for a couple wheel barrow handles and a Coke crate.  

Instead of shelving them, I pulled out my cordless drill and made a quick planter for my wife! 

The back legs are small table legs I've had from building cigar box amps.  The front "wheels" are horseshoes given to me by my blacksmith harmonica player, Derick Kemper.  A few screws, a couple coats of poly and viola! I now have a cool planter for outside my shop.  

Time to buy some flowers...


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