WATCH: Snake Oil Band's Derick Kemper Returns to "Man At Arms: Reforged"

Derick Kemper, harmonica player for Shane Speal's Snake Oil Band returns to the insane blacksmithing show, Man At Arms: Reforged.  The second episode has just been released and Derick is creating a massive sword along with the cast.  Scroll down to watch. 

Kemper is a fantastic blacksmith by trade and specializes in period-correct knife making and ironwork.  (You really need to check out his website, to see all the photos.)  He is also a 2018 Forged In Fire Champion from Season 5, episode 32. 

MAN AT ARMS *REFORGED*  "Dragonfang - Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning" episode feat. Derick Kemper: 

Additional episodes of Man At Arms: Reforged are coming soon and will be posted in upcoming blogs on  

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