10 Minute Break? 10 Minute Project!

My entire woodship is in disarray as I pull everything out, reorganize and clean.  I spent over 6 hours just cleaning it as I prepare new projects made from a 1930's pipe organ I recently acquired.  During a 10 minute break in cleaning, I found the creative muse as I tried to find a place for a couple wheel barrow handles and a Coke crate.  

Old Love, New Songs

Why do we write love songs only about young love?  Why is it always about the "first kiss," "first glance," etc etc?  To me, the stories of old love are more interesting. 

Working in the shop today

I love being in my woodshop.  It doesn't matter what I'm building, just as long as I can go out there, slowly clean an area up and then make something cool.  

Blue Man Group Debuts New & Freakish Instruments

If there was truly a modern version of jug band, Blue Man Group would be the Metallica of the genre.  Along with other theater acts, Recycled Percussion and Stomp!, the three guys with blues heads are creating contemporary tribal music performed on wildly creative homemade instruments.